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I'M BACK ! (Terminator, 2007) I think.. Lolz


ey hey hey my dear blog’s readers! It’s been a while huh since I've posted my last entry in this blog. It is hard for me to explain why because if I'm saying that I’m too busy until I don’t have time to do my blog, well, that’s a LIE! A BIG LIE! Well, of course it is because of I didn't spent much time on blog or in other word, “LAZY”. I had spent more time on my studies (study ker?), playing games, going for a date, spent time with friends, chill out and family of course. Well, that’s was a past, and past is a past cannot be return but fixed it in future. (Chewwah ayat~)

y last entry, back there I was still study for my degree, and currently I’m done with my degree and I already have one year experienced working. Where? You probably wouldn't see this coming. I was worked at PADINI Concept Store. Have you heard anything about outfit outlet name PADINI, or maybe SEED, or perhaps VINCCI for those girls out there who love to buy shoes or handbags? You don’t know? Maybe you just got came out from the very deep cave and saw the world. Lol! I’m just kidding. Of course you know it right? Who wouldn’t know the famous local fashion outlet in Malaysia who already one of top 30 in BSKL (I think! and most important is not Basikal okay?!). Well, yeah. I worked there as Senior Operation Assistant or in easy way to understand is Supervisor outlet. But deeply hard to say that I'm no longer Padinians since I resigned in 04th January 2015. Reason? I choose my own path for my future. Well, if you want me to talk about my experienced, it will be bunches of entries to post just to tell my story at Padini. But don’t worry, I will one day for sure. Will be on next entry, but for this entry, I’m just want to tell you guys that I'm back on track for my blog and will be active again! Oh yeah~

Well, that’s all for now, I hope for the best from you guys, anything you want me to do on my post or something you want me to share, I will find it for you and post it for you. Hopefully you guys stay loyal and keep read my blog. My post is just for you guys! I’m happy if you happy! Peace yaw bro! Bro peace! 

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